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So, what exactly is hypnosis?

The hypnotic state is a naturally occurring state which we are all able to slip into and out of on a daily basis. It’s similar to the trance-like states we find ourselves in, when we’re totally engrossed in something to the exclusion of everything else. When your mind is so totally focused in one direction that everything else just fades into the background.  Have you ever found yourself so rapt in a great book that you’ve not heard the doorbell ring or totally lost track of time because you were absorbed in a task? Well, hypnosis is a bit like that.

How you personally experience hypnosis will be unique to you and will depend upon your motivations, expectations and previous experiences, amongst other things. Generally, hypnosis is a deeply relaxed state, both physically and mentally, so quite enjoyable.

During a clinical hypnotherapy session, who's in control?

Throughout your session, I'd like you to be reassured that you will remain in control.  Hypnosis is not the same as being asleep, it’s more like being in a daydream.  You will be aware of what’s going on around you - you will be able to hear what I say and you will remember everything that is useful for you to remember.  Contrary to the stage hypnosis shows that you might have seen on the TV, clinicial hypnotherapy is not about the hypnotherapist controlling your mind. You could never be made to do anything under hypnosis that you didn’t want to do or anything that would go against your fundamental beliefs or wishes.

As your hypnotherapist, I will merely act as a facilitator between your conscious and unconscious mind so you will get as much out of your session as you want to.

How can clinical hypnotherapy help?

When we meet, it's important for us to set out clear objectives so that we each know what your aims are, what changes you would like to make with the help of clinical hypnotherapy and how best to facilitate these changes.  Once your objectives have been agreed, a hypnotic trance state will be induced.  As you physically relax, the conscious, analytical part of your brain can relax and take a back seat too.  This will allow the unconscious part of your brain to take on board your pre-agreed suggestions at a deep unconscious level helping you to make the changes that you want.

Can you get STUCK in hypnosis?

NO - you're very safe.  It really is like being in a daydream.  If, for any reason you need to become fully alert during your session, you would do so automatically.  At the end of your session, I'll ensure that you're totally re-orientated and feeling refreshed.

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